Cru the Leonberger Competes for ‘Best in Show’ at Eastern Shore Classic Dog Show

In the Eastern Shore Classic Dog Show, a premier event that attracts over 800 dogs from various regions, including international participants, Cru, an accomplished Leonberger, excelled by winning the ‘Best in Breed’ title on Sunday. Cru is now gearing up to challenge other elite canines for the coveted ‘Best in Dog Show’ accolade.

Competition judge Cindy Lane emphasized the unique aspects of the event, saying, “It’s not just like obedience, that they walk straight and such. Instead, how do they compare to this perfect animal that’s been described?”

Cru’s owner, Andrea Dadigan, shared her experience of participating in the show with her dog, stating, “I have someone who handles him in the ring, so I watch from the outside. It’s such a fun time, and he enjoys it and I enjoy it.”

The competition adopts a distinctive judging method, as explained by April Clyde, the competition chair. Each dog is evaluated based on a standard specific to its breed, ensuring a fair and comprehensive assessment. “They don’t compare the dogs to each other as much as they say, ‘what does this individual breed, this individual dog, how does it compare to its breed standard?’ It’s quite a process,” Clyde remarked.

This event is more than just a contest; it plays a crucial role in determining the future of dog breeding. “The hope is when you show your dog, you finish its championship,” Clyde explained. “Most reputable breeders like to finish their dog’s championship, to demonstrate merit, before they breed the dog.”

Dadigan expressed her contentment regardless of the competition’s outcome, highlighting the joy and bonding experience it brings to both her and Cru. “He likes to be here; he likes to have fun and to go in the ring, and it’s something for us to do together,” she said.

The Eastern Shore Classic Dog Show not only showcases top-tier dogs but also significantly influences the future of dog breeding, setting a high standard for excellence in the canine community.