Frog Hat For Cat

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Crochet Frog Cat Hat


  • Frog cat hat comes in a frog shape and has two eyes on the top—perfect cute for your puppy or kitty.
  • The hat design comes from the kitty in Princess and the Frog. You know the classic characters will never go out of style.
  • Frog hat for cat are perfect costumes for birthdays, Halloween parties.Bling out your cat in Pins and Ins, and no cat lover can deny the charm of cat with frog cat hat.
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a cat wear frog hat
Frog Hat For Cat

There are 3 Reasons To Choose Frog Cat Hat

Safety for cats

Don't be fooled by cats' cute looks. Remember, they are natural predators, and they need to be constantly aware of changes in their environment to feel safe. A cat's whiskers are the second most crucial sensory device, and they help the cat maintain balance while walking and jumping.
We have specially designed three sizes for the above two essential characteristics to ensure that the cat's movements will not be restricted and the cat's whiskers will not be squeezed.

No pungent smell is easier for cats to accept

Frog hats for cats are artificially knitted from safe and eco-friendly crochet yarn (they were once a cat's favorite toy). Due to these properties, our hats have no odor compared to those made of synthetic fibers.

Do you know? Cats have a susceptible sense of smell, and they can quickly identify unfamiliar odors in their environment. Often, new costumes emit a unique odor that cats can recognize and perceive as dangerous.

This means your cat is more receptive to the hat and easier to put on it.

a cat wear frog hat

Do you remember the kitten kissed by the princess?

Our design is based on the kitten in the movie Princess and the Frog.

Maybe fashion will go out of style one day, but those classic characters won't.

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Costomer Reviews

Shiyu Chen

This looks soooooo cute and funny. I love it! The hat suits my cat well but he definitely has his own thoughts on how to wear it lol.

 Pam Eike

I love this cat hat so much (not so much my cat). It is so cute, I just feel like there could be some ear holes. Overall adorable!


A medium was ordered for these two fat cats! Love the product… so fun!


Is it OK to put frog hats on cats?

Cats are more adaptable than you might think, and quite a few of them will tolerate a few minutes in a fun collar or costume for you to post on Facebook or Instagram.

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How do I get my cat to wear frog hat?

If your cat resists wearing the hat, please don't force it.
Let the cat get acquainted with the smell of the hat first, then play with your cat. Please wait until the cat gets tired before putting a hat on them.
If it doesn't work, you can try pinching the scruff of his neck with a binder clip. (This will not hurt your cat, and it is likely to calm him)
These strategies do not work for all cats.

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