Is ok to dress up cat and how to make cat accept costume?

Dressing up cats has been a fashion trend in recent years, manifested in cat frog hats and cat lion costumes that have gained a lot of likes and attention on Facebook and TikTok.According to Fortune Report: People have spent a staggering $5.01 billion on pet clothing in 2021.

While dressing cats bring us a lot of funny, the question of Is it ok to put hats on cats simultaneously is on the rise in Google searches. Because many people have found that cats are very resistant to dressing cats, they can’t help but think about whether this behavior will harm the cat.

Is ok to dress up your cat?

It is ok to dress up your cat, but please avoid having these characteristic clothes squish whiskers, can’t adjust the tightness, and restricted movement. Sometimes all you need to dress up your cat is a small hat, and a bowtie is enough to show how cute and funny your cat is.

Why do cats hate costumes?

New costumes interfere with a cat’s sense of smell

Cats have a susceptible sense of smell, and they can quickly identify unfamiliar odors in their environment. Often, new costumes emit a unique odor that cats can recognize and perceive as dangerous. Humans have only 5 million odor sensors, while cats have more than 200 million, which means cats can still smell unfamiliar odors even if the new costume is ventilated.

Costumes will squish their whiskers

We’re always drawn to cats’ cute looks, but don’t forget, cats are natural predators. In addition to smell, other senses monitor the environment around them. Sadly, some costumes will not only obstruct the cat’s sight and hearing but, more importantly, will squish their whiskers.

A cat’s whiskers are specially adjusted sensory devices that play an essential role in changing the balance of the cat’s body and observing objects at close range. If the costume touches the cat’s whiskers for a long time, it can be painful for them.

Cats don’t like getting too much attention

You love being the centerpiece of a Halloween party. However, cats don’t like to attract too much attention. Because in the cat world, staring is seen as a challenge and more of a danger signal. This behavior can cause anxiety in timid cats, and if they are in a stressful environment for a long time, the cat will die from stress in severe cases.

Limit cat movements

It’s not uncommon to see cats sluggish after wearing clothes, which act like shackles and limit a cat’s mobility. Cats are flexible creatures, and this feeling will only put cats in a bad mood. This is the reason that serious face your cat makes when you’re trying to take its picture while it’s wearing a costume.

3 Steps make your cat accept the hat.

1. Choose a simple costume

Simple matching can show the cuteness and fun of cats. For example, a tiny frog hat and bowtie could be an ideal ornament for cats. Cats are more receptive when dressing them up when it does not affect cat actions and instincts.

2. Make sure the size is right.

Confirm your cat’s head circumference before buying. Too big or too small can make your pet uncomfortable, and make sure the hat doesn’t interfere with your cat’s ears and whiskers.

3. Familiarize Your Cat with Clothes

Start let cat familiarize your cat with the smell of the new costume. Then you can try putting the clothes on the cat (not wearing it) for a few seconds, after a few repetitions. If your cat doesn’t refuse, please reward them with some favorite food. Let this behavior be in the cat’s Form positive connections in your mind. 

This way, you can easily dress up your cat.

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